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BIGO LIVE is a live streaming app that allows users to watch or stream live videos



Live video.

Live chat.

To make friends.


NOTE: BIGO LIVE only pays hired influencers

The app will not pay for only downloading it and using it.

Frequent Questions

We know that this is new for you, and that is why we are going to answer the questions that you might have during the selection process.

Coming up, we are going to detail everything you need to know about the process to which you apply for:

It is a streaming platform in which the users can share live moments with their followers. It is owned by Bigo Technologies, and they have headquarters in Singapore, the United States, and Mexico.


The viewers can support their favorite streamers by sending gifts on the app.


BIGO´S LIVE Official Website:


Facebook: @bigoliveapp

Twitter: @bigoliveapp

Instagram: @bigoliveapp



We are the # 1 digital talent agency in Latin America and Spain. Also, we are associated in Brazil and the USA.

Our job is to serve as an intermediary between the digital platforms and the content creators, ensuring compliance with the rights and duties of both parties (these rules are agreed through a contract).

No, the process is completely free. On the contrary, nowadays, hundreds of platforms need content creators like you. Therefore, the platforms generate payments directly to the agency for selecting and hiring their digital talent. However, the platform pays you directly.



  1. To be a legal age man or woman. (+18 )

  2. To have a mid-range or high-mid-range cellphone.

  3. To have stable internet.

  4. To have a free time of at least 2 hours a day for a minimum of 20 days.

  5. To have a clean background.

  6. It is mandatory to have good lighting. You can use a medium or large light ring and in the absence of these, you can use a lamp. The windows and light bulbs in the rooms are not valid.

  7. To have the ability to interact to speak with followers.

  8. You should not stay silent during the interviews

Each application has minimum goals so that the streamer can receive an income. For BIGO LIVE you must accomplish the following requirements:


1. USA: If you are living in USA :


1. First Month: You must accumulate a minimum of 20 hours of streaming and 10.000 beans or 20.000 beans and 25 hours of streaming.


2. Second Month and thereafter: You must accumulate a minimum of 30 hours of streaming and 30.000 beans per month.


It is possible to do many more hours per day, but BIGO LIVE wants you to be active. 


For a day to be counted you must do 2 hours and 10 minutes per day. You can divide the time into a minimum of 1 hour and 10 minutes live. They are between 30 and 50 hours per month in total. (On average, a normal job needs 48 hours per week at least).


Minimum: 30.000 beans to receive the payment (We explain the payments later, go to the Paytable). And it’s mandatory to complete the hours of your goal.

As you are a content creator, your job is to do live streaming or shows. The content must be suitable for all types of audiences, for example, singing, dancing, cooking, drawing, doing magic, puppets, comedy, acting, or having overwhelming charisma or being very outgoing among others. The goal is to get users to support you:


The more interaction you generate, the more money you earn. Plus, you pick your schedule!


Prohibitions: Nudity, verbal or physical violence, alcoholic beverages, weapons, minors, revealing clothing, hate speech, drugs, racism, xenophobia, or illegal acts. Note: Bigo monitors the platform 24 hours, incurring these acts makes the account gets blocked. And this includes chats.


However, dances such as Arab dance, costumes for shows such as cosplay, and in some cases bikinis (bikinis that are not sensual and while you are on the beach or a pool or large water tributaries) are allowed.

  • We explain the payments later, go to the Paytable.

Generality: The payment depends exclusively on each streamer (BIGO calls its streamers influencers).


Payments: Payments are usually between 150 and 23,000 USD per month. (40%)


Average payment: 800-5000 USD per month. (60%)

This is the amount of money that most creators earn.

BIGO LIVE APP pays its streamers monthly within the first 10 business days in China, and within the first 7 to 14 business days in USA. The app approves the payments (maximum in 7 days) and after that, it will depend on the content creator’s bank, to legalize the money and receive it on the streamer´s account.

The payment is made to the bank account that the streamer registers. This account may be from someone close to them or themselves.


However, we ask our streamer to have an account on their names since BIGO or the agency are not responsible for linking the accounts and neither for personal between the streamer and the owner of the account where it was paid in case of using someone else´s account. For this reason, under no circumstances an amount of money that has already been paid correctly will be paid again.


Even so, don’t worry, we have training and guides to help you in all the processes.


Note: Your account must be able to receive international transactions since the payment will be in dollars.


The streamer acts independently.


Therefore, they sign a broadcasting contract with the platform, and they sign a valid image rights representation contract with the agency for the platforms in which we work. In no case, there is a direct labor link generated. It will be independent, mono-tax, or others.


In no case, there is an employment letter generated since it does not fulfill the international labor law to develop a labor relationship.


If you need to prove your income, you should approach your accountant with your statements and documents and explain your work. The public accountant will act in accordance with the law of your country.


Besides that, remember that it is your responsibility to declare your taxes or other derivatives.

Do not worry. That is why we are the best at what we do. We are going to teach you and help you.


Our streamers, influencers, and/or content creators grow 80% faster in comparison with other streamers from other agencies. We have a whole training plan and guides designed in order to help you.


Note: The training is an extra service of the agency. There is a calendar that is sent, and it is the responsibility of the influencer or streamer to attend. There is no case where we provide private training.

To hire our talents, we select based on the requirements of the platforms we work for. After, we execute a pre-interview, an interview, and finally a representation contract that is valid for you as a streamer and justifies your income. The minimum period of time in which you must carry out the contract is 3 months.



  1. Fill out the google form or press the “work” button on the app. You must have a gmail account or an email account that allows you to fill out google drive forms. If you don’t log in you won’t be able to fill out the form: https:
  2. Wait in your WhatsApp group for the answer in PDF of approval. You must look for your name on the list. It takes us from 24 to 48 hours as the maximum to evaluate you.
  3. If you are Approved, write to the cellphone numbers that we text on the group, and follow the steps that we are indicating.
  1. Who does not receive payment?

Any streamer that does not reach the minimum goals in terms of hours or stipulated beans does not receive payment through the platform. Other normal users who do not have a contract, who are not part of an agency do not receive any payment. They only do it for fun.


  1. How difficult is it to reach the goals?

90% of the streamers get 10,000 beans in a maximum of two weeks but, in some cases, they don’t do it and in other cases, they get a lot more. We don’t know how much charisma you have, and so it is difficult for someone new to know their potential.


  1. How long for a minimum time am I hired?

The minimum is 3 months before leaving, quitting, or ending the contract.


  1. When can I download the app?

Ideally, you should not download it until we approve you. If so, specify how long ago it was downloaded in order to verify how the hiring process would be like.

  1. BIGO LIVE APP social media?

BIGO´S LIVE Official Website:

Facebook: @bigoliveapp

Twitter: @bigoliveapp

Instagram: @bigoliveapp



Working with BIGO LIVE APP does not have a cost.


Content creators hired.
The only requirement to earn money is to pass the selection filters.


More than 10 million users


Millions of downloads


RULES: 1. First Month: You must accumulate a minimum of 20 hours of streaming and 10.000 beans or 20.000 beans and 25 hours of streaming.
If a new host completes bean tiers for levels N1, N2, B, or A: but does not complete the hour requirement, they will receive 50% of the respective tier.

a. Example: New Host receives 10k in beans but does not complete 20 hours, they will receive 50% commission, $50 for host.
2. Second Month and thereafter: You must accumulate a minimum of 30 hours of streaming and 40.000 beans per month.
It is possible to do many more hours per day, but BIGO LIVE wants you to be active.  For a day to be counted you must do 2 hours and 10 minutes per day. 

It's mandatory to complete the hours of your level.


NOTE: The new host fan bonus will be stackable with the N1 and N2 tiers!
2. Extra bonus 50 Hour New Host Incentive: If a new host completes B tier or above, they will receive a commission for that respective tier: $100 USD, available for two months. 

1. Nota

NOTE: The streamer earns a monthly income plus a commission. The total income payment for the month is shown in a highlighted color: Blue.

2. Nota

It will be paid according to the number of beans that get reached in a month which is understood from the month 1st at 00:00 to the last day of the month at 00:00 in the summertime.

3. Nota

You need to complete hours, days and bean goal. N1-N2 just firts month.

4. Nota

You can apply to extra programs to earn more money, each program has its own rules, you can apply after the second month of streaming.

5. Nota

Gaming Program: Hours: 20-30 / Payment: 150-310 USD extra per month. 

Audio-live program: Hours: 10-40 / Payment: 100-16500 USD extra per month. 


In order to get selected you will have two interviews:

1. Pre-selection - 2. The official interview

Here is a guide on how the interviews should be presented and some videos as examples. Press the button to download.

Here are guides to the basic process.

  1. The documents are in a PDF format, therefore, if you will download them through your cellphone first try to open them. If you can’t, search on GOOGLE PLAY or APPLE STORE: “Watch PDF” and download any app that allows you to watch PDF documents for free. Open them again and it will work:





Download the manuals in documents, so that you have a complete guide on how to present yourself and so you are chosen as a streamer. The more you follow the guides, the more chances you have of being hired.


  1. PRE-INTERVIEW: The agency will evaluate: Dress, charisma, personal presentation, content, background, lighting and internet, attitude and aptitude, talent, communication with the public, you should never remain silent. The background can be a white wall or black curtains if you don’t have one. And the lighting can be a lamp in front of you. You must have your cellphone immovable on some surface, you should not take it in your hands, you can use a table or a tripod.

Before starting, clean your cellphone, the front, and rear cameras with a dry cloth, if possible, with a drop of alcohol or special liquid for screens. This will really make a difference. It will improve the image you project by 100%, since having the cellphone in your pocket or out dirties the camera and it is notorious. Every time you stream, you must do the same.

Time: Between 10 and 20 minutes.


  1. INTERVIEW: On the interview, we will evaluate the aspects mentioned above besides the ones that we recommend improving on the pre-interview. You must prepare a special live that you must perform from 10 to 15 minutes, for this you must necessarily show some special talent such as:

Singing, dancing, puppets, doing magic, doing makeup, drawing, painting, acting, costume, cosplay, or any other. If you do not know have any, prepare one for the interview. After the interview you do not need to continue with that talent in all your lives, only sporadically you will have the choice to perform it.


This point is very important since it is evaluated by the platform.

Time: Between 1 hour and 20 minutes and 2 hours.

  1. Clean the cellphone camera with alcohol and dry it with a cloth
  2. Cellular full charged and clean of cache.
  3. Apps other than BIGO LIVE APP closed.
  4. Normal SD video quality. You can configure it on settings on your BIGO LIVE APP account.
  5. Reset the Wi-Fi before starting the live.
  6. If you are going to use Youtube to play music at the same time, you should put it at the lowest quality.
  7. Do not watch yourself live from another device, it will saturate the internet, and it will look slow.
  8. Do not touch buttons and leave the live.
  9. In the interview you cannot dance by moving too much.
  10. Do not accept video calls.
  11. The dress must be formal, wear it according to the manual.
  12. The girls must have makeup, lipstick, and the angle of the camera must focus on their faces.
  13. Always smile and interact, especially during the last half hour of the live in which you must present your show.

We are the #1 Agency in Latin America and Spain

We are also in Brazil and the USA !


There are many kinds of talent, from being outgoing to having a particular gift such as music, singing, dancing, theater, magic, or even video games, makeup, puppets, VTubers, etc.


And if you don't have any special gift, we know that your charisma and your words will be enough to make us fall in love with your personality. So don't get discouraged. Knowing how to speak is also a gift


We want to help you discover what your talent is. We love extroverted personalities, and social media lovers of course. If you love social media like us, you are in the right place.




We reserve the right to end the cooperation due to detecting behaviors that violate the rules or attitudes that are considered negative against the agency or the app without the right to return to the app.


Follow us on our social media and find out about our next projects before everyone.

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